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MBT Masai

What is MBT?

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) is a revolutionary range of footwear that takes its name from the Masai Tribe of Kenya, who walk on soft earth their entire life. Back and weight bearing problems are virtually unknown in their community.

Inspired by these people, MBTs re-establish the natural conditions of standing and walking on uneven terrain. Establishing these natural conditions, MBTs offer high potential for health, beauty, sport, fitness, and therapeutic applications.

How does it work?

The unique sole construction of MBT's around the Masai Sensor, creates a natural instability under foot, which the body must balance with every step. This leads to a multitude of positive effects on the whole body.

Using a multi layered sole, MBT transforms flat, hard, artificial surfaces into natural, uneven ground. Much like walking in sand, the unique uplifting lever spring action of the MBT sole challenges the core strengthening muscles to be more active. This reactive, more supportive muscle action creates good posture and increases shock absorption for all the joints, significantly reducing muscular-skeletal compression.

MBT Technology


1: Upper constructed from leathers, mesh and other premium materials.

Quality Uppers that help your foot breathe and will last the test of time.

2 & 3: Dual Board Construction with balancing area requiring an active rolling movement.

The dual-board provides the necessary firmness of th6e sole construction. It also ensures a natural rolling movement of the foot with every step and optimises the pressure distribution over the whole sole.

4: PU Matai Sensor

The Masai Sensor is the heart of the Masai Barefoot Technology. It produces a pleasant feeling reminiscent of walking on a sandy beach or on soft moss - and creates the natural instability to which the body automatically reacts with increased muscle activity.

5: Outer sole

Durable non-marking rubber sole.


Wearing MBT shoes increasingly activates muscle groups needed to coordinate and stabilise the body both when walking and standing. The muscular system is exercised all the way up to the neck, stretched and relaxed again, the body balanced – with every step.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers and scientists worldwide have experienced the many positive effects of MBT shoes.

Masai Barefoot Technology...

-activates neglected muscles
-improves posture and gait
-tones and shapes the body
-can help with back, hip, leg and foot problems
-can help with joint, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
-reduces stress on knee and hip joints

MBT activates the whole body.
MBT Shoes

Results of Scientific Studies:

-Improved posture and more upright gait
-Stresses on knee and hip joints: 19% Less
-Muscle activity while walking in lower limbs: 18% More
-Muscle activity in rear thigh muscles while walking: 19% More
-Muscle activity in buttock muscles while walking: 9% More
-Oxygen intake white walking: 2.5% More
-Muscle activity in lower limbs when standing: 38% more
-Muscle activity in rear thigh muscles when standing: 37% more
-Muscle activity in buttock muscles when standing: 28% more

*Studies at the University of Calgary, CAN; Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK; Rennbahnklinik, Basle, CH etc.; in comparison to conventional shoes. For full studies, click here.

MBT may help:

-Joint and spine problems - lower back pain, arthritis*, neck problems, osteoporosis*
-Hip and knee problems - muscular imbalances
-Foot problems - Hallux valgus, clubfoot, flatfoot, spread foot, heel spur and Achilles tendon tear
-Injuries and rehabilitation of the lower extremities in support of therapeutic treatment
-Recovery after pregnancy
-Patients in rehabilitation following back, hip, knee and foot injuries
-Following back, hip, knee, ligament and tendon treatment or operations to improve coordination, circulation and strength.
*MBT is a therapeutic aid that can reduce pain and, may have a positive influence on the symptoms of an illness but does not treat the disease itself