MBT Flooring offer a new service to customers, visit the website and ask for a quote and someone will contact you within an hour.


Ju 23, 2010 – MBT are one of the foremost providers of wooden flooring in the UK. As part of their commitment to ensuring that their customers get the best possible customer service they are announcing a new policy

From 2010, MBT Flooring are ensuring that all of our website visitors receive a call from our advisers within one hour of requesting a no-obligation quote online.

This ensures that customers not only benefit from fantastic customer service but also that they will be able to install a wonderful new wooden floor in double quick time.

MBT Floorings expert fitters can then come and discuss the customers requirements, and explain all the possible options from their extensive range of flooring. With this new one hour call back system in place the customer could get a visit within 24-48 hours of making the original contact . Of course this is subject to where the customer lives and what times they are available for the visit.

The range of wooden flooring that is available through MBT is second to none so whatever the customer is interested in there is definitely going to be a product for them.

For more information go to MBTSANDALS.